Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thinking Of Wireless Power

Just Watched something interesting that destroys every obstacle in its way and never stops.
Might be was running on some inbound source that fueled it and made it cause vast destruction without coming to halt.

Seeing this had a perception that maybe if something is not having its own power source and relies on power from its some sort of base built far away will be quite cool enough.

This lead me to searching the internet of "Wireless Power Source".

Monday, 14 September 2015

Things to Safeguard your Brand new PC

Gone are the times with the hectic routine of reinstalling windows each time it crashed or caused problem because of viruses and Trojans.  With the coming of windows 8, its all been made a lot more simpler and time saving. Also it made the modern day layman having slightest knowledge of computers to right the wrongs going on in the PC with the click of a button.

Points to Remember after purchasing the new PC:

Since you bought a new PC,its now your responsibility to safeguard it and ensure it to be long lasting. For this purpose here is a tip all of us usually don't care about but is necessary for your PC to live up to your requirements.
Since you are since the first day going to install stuff to your PC to make it life like and personalized to help you do selflessly may things without just being a dummy.
But with the things you install, whether these are from any source you prefer be it the internet or USB drives or some Disk Drives, all of these have got a huge risk of injecting into your PC that may cause serious issues.
To be a step ahead of this problem, the first thing you need to do is make a Recovery USB pen drive.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Oracle Database 12c....Installation

Databases are the key to store the data and information you require to store through your projects. Although bigger and more reliable databases are far less prone to problems with installation and also are being handled by the professionals but for all the engineering and computer science students these can turn out to be a real mess if not installed properly.

Although the software, specially the Oracle Database 12c can be installed by watching the online videos available but at times in some specific cases serious problems can occur even while doing it right according to the video.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Google...Opening new Opportunities and widening its Scope through Alphabet

Google Inc. that has made every one around aspire to be a tech geek for years is now turning itself into a more Cleaner and Accountable organisation, Alphabet. Thinking of the name Larry Page said of it being alpha-bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark) and also symbolizes the collection of letters that contribute a language.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Windows 10....Everything around Installation

I also upgraded to windows 10 single language on my lenovo z5070 ideapad laptop. Firstly it was around 2713.8 MB. I downloaded it using cellular network. I was actually not in a mood to upgrade but windows 10 downloaded itself in background. Firstly i checked the internet usage and it was very fast and to my surprise window was downloaded around 25%. Then i decide to download it. When i recharged again I downloaded 50%. So my point is that it downloaded in intervals. Afterthe complete download friday the 7th august. It popped up and said to upgrade. I followed the onscreen steps and it started installing.

During installation process. there was a black screen with boldly written UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10, followed by Your computer will restart several times so sit back and relax. It was a combination of three steps that highlighted one by one at the bottom of screen with a round ring showing the status as the Percentage in the center of screen. The first was copying files. The second was Installing Drivers etc. and the third was configuring settings.