Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thinking Of Wireless Power

Just Watched something interesting that destroys every obstacle in its way and never stops.
Might be was running on some inbound source that fueled it and made it cause vast destruction without coming to halt.

Seeing this had a perception that maybe if something is not having its own power source and relies on power from its some sort of base built far away will be quite cool enough.

This lead me to searching the internet of "Wireless Power Source".

We are actually using the concept of wireless power source as many of the phones nowadays are equipped with "Inductive Charging Pad". Just put your phone on it and it will be charged.
The pad is having an Inductive coil through which as the current passes, causes a time varying electric and magnetic field that charges the phone Up. This is near field transmission in scientific terms and is a non-radiative technique.

But what if ?.....

There was a power source plugged in into a socket of your room. It is usually ON at all times but is not transmitting until a person having a device that's not completely charged. By the time the device is in a particular room its gets charged.

So whenever this fortunate being leaves his/her house, is going to be all geared up with all his resources charged to rock n roll.

How will this happen ?.....

How solar panel works ?  Sun feeds it with the photons coming during bright sunshine. So in order our Devices to work as "Energy Absorbers" we might need a mechanism that is as said earlier is plugged into the electricity socket and injects the rays or waves directly through the line of site to our device.

How will it sense the devices ? I don't know.
What if our Energy Absorbing Devices absorb energy all day long and cause other of our batteries to die? I don't know.

It is actually all my perception and views that I am discussing right now.

Also the rays from the source might cause harmful effects to living Human beings. Like if there was Infrared rays that transmit electric power through time varying magnetic and electric fields. These might compromise human health.

But still there needs to be some sort of advancement that fuels our equipment and decreases our dependence upon physical sources of power.

This equipment will be a Raditive technique.
The Source will need to sense the Electronic Devices and send out signals right away to these particular coordinates only.

Future is going to be quite awesome........
That's all I can say right now.

Trying to learn everything to actually provide our children with the chance to do what they want to do. To sing, play and enjoy their lives. Maybe will one day get to do something that will change the perception of human's towards technology and make our Earth Invincible to every alien breach that I hope never happens.

All of you people reading this please give your views as these might enlighten me and others more.

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