Sunday, 9 August 2015

Windows 10....Everything around Installation

I also upgraded to windows 10 single language on my lenovo z5070 ideapad laptop. Firstly it was around 2713.8 MB. I downloaded it using cellular network. I was actually not in a mood to upgrade but windows 10 downloaded itself in background. Firstly i checked the internet usage and it was very fast and to my surprise window was downloaded around 25%. Then i decide to download it. When i recharged again I downloaded 50%. So my point is that it downloaded in intervals. Afterthe complete download friday the 7th august. It popped up and said to upgrade. I followed the onscreen steps and it started installing.

During installation process. there was a black screen with boldly written UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10, followed by Your computer will restart several times so sit back and relax. It was a combination of three steps that highlighted one by one at the bottom of screen with a round ring showing the status as the Percentage in the center of screen. The first was copying files. The second was Installing Drivers etc. and the third was configuring settings. 

After that came the, new welcome screen, with new background. I logged in.
After that, it was written that we're setting things up for you. This won't take long.
Taking care of a few things. Setting up your apps.
Just a few more tweaks. Don't turn off your PC.
It's taking a bit longer than usual, but it should be ready soon.
Let's Start.

After that came before me a new desktop. New Interface. Although the file explorer and Start menu didn't work for the first time but other thinks were just okay. There were hangs in the notification area. A new kind of notification area was there. The time and Date was shown differently in a  box having a nice interface. The volume rocker was horizontal rathr than vertical with Conexant HD Audio written and the horizontal slider. 
After i shut down and start again my PC, start menu begin to work.
Also I checked the C: Drive. There was a folder named Windows old in which there were empty folders. Felt like files were copied into the new window. The things open quite fast in new window but were like "NOT READY TO BE USED". The windows 10 is not to be used this soon. 

Following are the problems I faced :
1.No Option to put PC on sleep. There was only hibernate, Do nothing, Shut down and restart.
2. We cannot adjust screen brightness using the buttons provided on the laptop as well as there is no option for the same inside the settings.
3. The Battery backup worsened. With 100% charged i was able to use my laptop for only 100 minutes or less.(Checked atleast 5 times)
4. No Dolby Digital Plus working. It was installed in the programs in Control Panel but was not available in apps and was unable to search it.
5. Videos hanged in the Video player provided with the windows 10. Also they were hanging in Cyberlink Power DVD for lenovo Idea which worked perfectly fine before. HD videos also were grainy.
6. Music Worked fine.
7. Cortana doesn't work in my region. The only major advancement was not available which made the whole idea of upgrade worthless.
8. Microsoft Edge, I must say was good. But without the above drawbacks i don't think anyone will love to have it.
9. The Other HD Wallpapers that worked well in windows 8.1 do not fit to the whole screen except those provided with the windows 10.
10. Slow startup and shut down.

Afer these problems I faced yesterday 08 august a problem saying.
Critical Error.  Start menu and Cortana Doesn't work. We'll try to solve the problem next time you login.
I logged out and logged in again a number of times but the problem persisted.
Today 09 august, I somehow managed to do these:
I connected to the internet using my dongle.
I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager. 
In the File menu>Run new task>Control Panel but it didn't help.
then i started firefox which didn't start at first nut when i clicked 2,3 times at the taskbar worked.
I read all the opinions on the page and tried to start again using F8 hoping to get safemode which didnot happen.
The next time I "RESTARTED" the PC and the problem was gone.
To Restart First Logot that on login screen use restart

After restart i opened settings>Recovery and update and started the process of going back to previous version of windows and it was successful.
I am now happy to get my windows 8.1 back.

 All I can say for now is "Window is not reliable and is not ready to be used". So wait until a good and Bug free update is available. I'll Try to remind you of the same within the next year so that you all can benefit from the windows 10.

If you are having any queries regarding the same or want to share something about windows or any other technological stuff please do comment the same or Email me.

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